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Meet Kelham Candle

One month today until it's Ball Street Deli #8 in Kelham Island. Taking place on the iconic bridge we've curated a line-up perfect for the run up to Christmas including hot & cold drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic), food, gifts and a festive atmosphere.

We're delighted to announce the second trader Kelham Candle, who will be joining us on the 2nd December.

Ball Street Deli Kelham Island
Kelham Candle

1. Please can you introduce yourselves...

I'm Emily the owner an maker at Kelham Candle Co.

2. What will you be bringing to Ball Street Deli?

I'll be bring lots of hand made candle related goodies to Ball Street Deli. My main products are amber glass jars filled with scented soy wax but I also make and sell concrete candle/tealight holders and copper pipe candle holders.

Ball Street Deli Kelham Candle
Ball St Deli Kelham Island

3. Why do you love Kelham Island?

I love Kelham Island because there's so much going on. There's always something new popping up and so many independents moving into the area. It's also so close to the city which is always a bonus!

4. What has been your highlight for 2018?

I only started Kelham Candle Co. in December 2017 so the whole of 2018 has been a highlight for us! We've grown so much and made so met so many lovely people throughout the year!

Ball Street Bridge xmas Kelham Candle
Christmas Kelham Candle

5. What have you asked Santa for?

I would love Santa to get me a workshop so I can stop making a mess at home!

Want to know more about Kelham Candle? Visit their website.

Click here to stay updated with Ball Street Deli #8.

Don't forget to return tomorrow to see who will be joining Pinch n' Pull and Kelham Candle on the 2nd December at the Ball Street Deli.

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