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Meet Granelli's

What's your favourite sweet?

Ball Street Deli sweets
Granellis Sheffield

We've gone and got one of Sheffield's most treasured shops for the Ball Street Deli on 2nd December!

Remember the joys as a child when your gran gave you 50p and let you loose in the sweet shop? 50p won't event get you a Mars bar, never mind pic 'n' mix these days. Those glorious little bags of 'spice' (sweets, not the drug), the '10p mix' have been wiped away but, if you look carefully, you can find one of those sweet shops, it's a rare occasion but one that brings back great memories.

Granellis Sweets
Jars of sweets

Granelli's is a hidden gem. Back in the day it used to be located in a thriving area but these days most people don't venture down Broad Street, unless your gran still treats you. This family run shop has been passed down generations for almost 150 years and it's barely changed (which, in this case is a good thing!). Luckily you can pass on Granelli's finest sweets this year as they're bringing jars of old school sweets to the Ball Street Bridge, perfect for gifting or to nibble on as you explore the market!

Have you entered our Christmas Card competition yet? Stay up to date with Ball Street Deli #8 on the event page. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to see who else will be on the Ball Street bridge.

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